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Traveling in China

Traveling in China

In Traveling in China language lesson, we will be learning about travel vocabulary in Chinese. You will learn Chinese characters and Pinyin transliterations for each travel-related word, which will help you understand how to pronounce each word accurately.

Traveling in China
  1. 旅游 (lǚ yóu) – travel/tourism
  2. 机场 (jī chǎng) – airport
  3. 火车站 (huǒ chē zhàn) – train station
  4. 出租车 (chū zū chē) – taxi
  5. 酒店 (jiǔ diàn) – hotel
  6. 餐厅 (cān tīng) – restaurant
  7. 购物 (gòu wù) – shopping
  8. 地图 (dì tú) – map
  9. 导游 (dǎo yóu) – tour guide
  10. 旅行社 (lǚ xíng shè) – travel agency
  11. 护照 (hù zhào) – passport
  12. 签证 (qiān zhèng) – visa
  13. 景点 (jǐng diǎn) – tourist attraction
  14. 车票 (chē piào) – train ticket
  15. 飞机票 (fēi jī piào) – airplane ticket
  16. 游览 (yóu lǎn) – sightseeing
  17. 公共交通 (gōng gòng jiāo tōng) – public transportation
  18. 城市 (chéng shì) – city
  19. 游客 (yóu kè) – tourist
  20. 订房 (dìng fáng) – book a room



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