Detailed population of China

Detailed population of China

These are the provinces, their capital cities and detailed population of China.

  1. Anhui Province
    Population: 63.3 million
    Capital city: Hefei (population: 7.5 million)
  2. Fujian Province
    Population: 39.7 million
    Capital city: Fuzhou (population: 7.1 million)
  3. Gansu Province
    Population: 26.2 million
    Capital city: Lanzhou (population: 3.6 million)
  4. Guangdong Province
    Population: 125.9 million
    Capital city: Guangzhou (population: 15.3 million)
  5. Guizhou Province
    Population: 38.7 million
    Capital city: Guiyang (population: 4.3 million)
  6. Hainan Province
    Population: 9.3 million
    Capital city: Haikou (population: 2.3 million)
  7. Hebei Province
    Population: 75.4 million
    Capital city: Shijiazhuang (population: 11.4 million)
  8. Heilongjiang Province
    Population: 37.5 million
    Capital city: Harbin (population: 10.6 million)
  9. Henan Province
    Population: 96.1 million
    Capital city: Zhengzhou (population: 10.1 million)
  10. Hubei Province
    Population: 59.3 million
    Capital city: Wuhan (population: 8.8 million)
  11. Hunan Province
    Population: 68.9 million
    Capital city: Changsha (population: 7.7 million)
  12. Jiangsu Province
    Population: 80.1 million
    Capital city: Nanjing (population: 8.3 million)
  13. Jiangxi Province
    Population: 46.8 million
    Capital city: Nanchang (population: 5.4 million)
  14. Jilin Province
    Population: 27.5 million
    Capital city: Changchun (population: 7.5 million)
  15. Liaoning Province
    Population: 43.7 million
    Capital city: Shenyang (population: 8.1 million)
  16. Qinghai Province
    Population: 5.8 million
    Capital city: Xining (population: 2.3 million)
  17. Shaanxi Province
    Population: 38.8 million
    Capital city: Xi’an (population: 9.0 million)
  18. Shandong Province
    Population: 100.5 million
    Capital city: Jinan (population: 7.1 million)
  19. Shanxi Province
    Population: 36.8 million
    Capital city: Taiyuan (population: 4.3 million)
  20. Sichuan Province
    Population: 81.4 million
    Capital city: Chengdu (population: 16.3 million)
  21. Yunnan Province
    Population: 48.7 million
    Capital city: Kunming (population: 8.5 million)
  22. Zhejiang Province
    Population: 57.4 million
    Capital city: Hangzhou (population: 10.4 million)
  23. Tibet Autonomous Region
    Population: 3.4 million
    Capital city: Lhasa (population: 500,000)
  24. Macau
    Population: approximately 679,600
    Capital city: Macau (population: around 673,000)
  25. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Population: 7.5 million
    Capital city: Hong Kong (population: 7.5 million)
  26. Taiwan
    Population: 23.6 million
    Capital city: Taipei (population: 2.6 million)


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